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Outdoor education organisations

Project Adventure New Zealand (PANZ)
PO Box 9895
Marion Square
Phone: (04) 801 6547
Fax: (04) 801 6549
E-mail: info@panz.org.nz
Website: www.panz.org.nz

Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ)  
PO Box 15 204  

Department of Conservation
Website: www.doc.govt.nz


The Ministry of Education would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of this book, in particular the principal writers, Lynley Stewart and Diane Cooper, University of Waikato School of Education.

The photographs on the cover and on pages 10–12 are by Lynley Stewart. All others are by Fiona Asplin.  

The illustrations on pages 18 and 20 are by Murray Wilson.  

The New Zealand Environmental Code on page 23 is reproduced with permission from the Department of Conservation.