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The journal of young people’s writing

The Journals of Young People’s Writing are collections of writing in a wide range of genres by primary school students in years 5–8, published for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media, Wellington. The following pieces of writing are appropriate for use in supporting learning experiences that relate to change, disappointment, loss, and grief.
In The Wockagilla, 1999:

  • “Tangi” (a poem).
  • “My Grandma”: When Grandma died.
  • “A Day I Would Never Forget”: Dad calls to say he can’t see his daughter for a long time.

In I Feel Dizzy, 1997:

  • “When I Turn Back Time”: Paddy is emigrating from London, and he misses his grandad.
  • “The Hardest Time in My Life”: Theresa has to make a decision about having her beloved dog, Sandy, put down by the vet.

In Vote for Me!, 1994:

  • “Split”: It’s a difficult time for the girls when their parents split up. They know that their parents are very unhappy, too.
  • “It’s Gone”: A school has burnt down and, even though it will be rebuilt, it will never be the same because so much has been lost.

In The Terrible Half Pipe, 1992:

  • “I Want My Dad”: It’s two years since Melanie has seen her father. She enjoys going to Australia to see him and his new family.
  • “July 24th 1990 – Our School Fire!”: Everyone is upset when a fire destroys many classrooms in the school, and it is closed for two weeks.
  • “When Iain Was Sick”: Visiting a very ill small brother in hospital is upsetting.

In Favourite Ice Cream, 1990:

  • “My Father”: Sarah lives with her mother. She wishes she could see her father, who has left them, but she can only talk to him on the phone.
  • “The Fire on the 22nd of June”: The story of a house fire.

In Some Place Wonderful, 1988

  • “I’ll Remember This Forever”: Dashika’s family, who are Tamils, were caught up in the 1983 riots in Sri Lanka and lost their home. After living in a camp, they arrived in New Zealand to begin a new life.
  • “My Feelings”: Charlotte describes the worst feeling she gets – when she’s just had a fight with her mother – and the way she feels when she goes to a secret place where she can be by herself.