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Personal identity and self-worth: applying for a job at school

Possible Learning Activities

  • Read and discuss a range of curriculum vitae (CVs) with students.
  • Construct a format for a CV and discuss the use of language that emphasises each person’s strengths. Headings for the CV could include:
    • personal skills
    • job-related skills
    • responsibilities undertaken at home and at school
    • other strengths and interests
    • a referee’s statement.
  • Through shared writing, students could construct a CV for a well-known character.
  • Discuss the jobs that students could apply for in the school or classroom, such as peer mediator or sports monitor, and the quali­ties that are needed for these jobs.
  • Students can identify what values and attitudes will be important for the job they are applying for and why these are important.
  • Students can complete an application for their choice of job.
  • Students can then choose a referee from the class, who supports the job applicant by writing three job-related strengths and per­sonal qualities that they consider the applicant to have.

Suggested Learning Outcome

Students will recognise and describe their individual strengths (3A4).

Hauora (particularly taha whanau and taha wairua)

Strengthening the feeling of personal identity and promoting positive interactions.

Attitudes and Values

Developing a positive and responsible attitude towards their own well-being and a willingness to reflect on beliefs, values, and attitudes.

Teachers' Note

When constructing a CV, it may be necessary to explain to the class that it is all right to acknowledge both their own strengths and those of other people.