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Supportive environments: rights, responsibilities, and actions

Possible Learning Activities

  • Working in small groups, students could reflect on the learning experiences they have participated in earlier. They construct a charter or poster that identifies their rights and those of others in the class (for example, the right to be accepted, listened to, and included) and the reciprocal responsibilities that accompany these (for example, the responsibility to be assertive, to respect other people’s rights, and not to bully or harass others).
  • Students could also include in their poster the attitudes and values needed to achieve a positive classroom environment and how these values can be demonstrated by actions. 
  • Students can identify any rights and responsibilities that are not currently being met as well as they could be. They develop a plan of action to improve or implement these and evaluate this plan after an appropriate interval of time.

Suggested Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • describe the rights and responsibilities of all class members in establishing a positive classroom community (2D3)
  • examine how people's attitudes, values, and actions contribute to establishing a positive classroom environment (2D1)
  • identify an aspect of the classroom environment that can be enhanced and implement a plan to achieve this (2D4).


Considering the emotional and physical well-being of self and others, reflecting on their own beliefs, and values and those of others, and interacting positively with others to enhance their sense of belonging.

Health Promotion

Examining policies (guidelines) and practices (behaviours) that contribute to a supportive environment.

Socio-ecological Perspective

Reflecting on the need to support each other, establish a supportive environment, and act to maintain it.

Attitudes and Values

Showing positive and responsible attitudes towards their own well-being and displaying respect, care, and concern for others.