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Enhancing relationships: weather chart

Possible Learning Activities

  • Using pictures that show people with different expressions, brainstorm words that can be used to describe feelings.
  • Each student can choose a “feelings” word and use that word in a sentence, for example, “I feel scared when …”, “I feel excited when …”. Students can share their sentences in small groups. Discuss supportive responses to these feelings, for example, “We could help someone who feels scared by ...”.
  • Prepare a long chart that displays a range of weather conditions, such as frosty, overcast, stormy, cloudy, and sunny. Students could Blu-tack their own name card underneath the point on the weather chart that best describes their feelings at the time.
  • Students may do this when they first arrive in the morning, and they may change their “feelings” position at any time during the day. (As an alternative, use a continuum of rainbow colours.)

Suggested Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • discuss how they feel in a variety of situations (2C3)
  • identify ways of supporting others when they have strong feelings (2C3).


(particularly taha hinengaro and taha whānau)

Identifying and communicating feelings in different situations and circumstances and supporting the feelings of others.

Attitudes and Values

Taking a positive attitude towards their own emotional well-being and showing care and concern for others.

Teachers' Notes

  • During this activity, emphasise the importance of the values of respect, care, and concern for others.
  • Other learning experiences that focus on feelings can be found in Reaching Forward, pages 18–20, Alike and Different, pages 15–17, and Making Friends, pages 9-11.