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Skipping for health

Pair skills

Possible Learning Activities

  • Skipping with a partner provides opportunities for the students to explore ideas about co-operation, timing, sharing, and taking turns at leading and following. It can involve the use of two ropes' or a single rope, with students skipping side by side or face to face.
  • The students can try changing positions while jumping in unison together using a single rope, they can work in opposition as in overs and unders, or they can try different Jurnp Rope skills. 

Suggested learning outcome

Students will participate in a variety of skipping activities and describe how the body responds to vigorous exercise (3B3).

Teacher' notes

  • When skipping, the students should:
    • keep their elbows close to their body;
    • use their wrists rather than their arms to turn the rope.
  • The students need to be aware that skipping enhances the health of their heart and helps to make their bones strong. Use the goal-setting process to motivate the students and enhance their enjoyment. The Jump Rope for Heart programme provides a basis for many skipping programmes that encourage individual and group skill development.

Team skills
School jump-off