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Sexuality education: Key concepts

In order to know about and understand the physical, mental and emotional, social, and spiritual growth and development that will occur and the new needs that will arise during puberty, students will:

  • develop knowledge of the changes that come with puberty;
  • demonstrate strategies to manage these changes;
  • describe strategies for managing changes in relationships.

In order to examine the factors influencing their choices during puberty, students will:

  • identify ways in which their peers shape young people's opinions, decisions, and choices;
  • identify ways in which the media shapes young people's opinions, decisions, and choices;
  • recognise ways in which their family and culture influence their own attitudes and values.

In order to develop a positive attitude towards the changes they experience during puberty, students will:

  • recognise and describe their own feelings about puberty;
  • recognise and describe rights and responsibilities that relate to the experience of puberty (both their own and those of others);
  • identify instances of discrimination that relate to people's sexuality and take positive action.