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Assessment for learning


Assessment in the New Zealand Curriculum is carried out for a number of purposes. The primary purpose of school-based assessment is to improve students' learning and the quality of learning programmes.


The New Zealand Curriculum Framework, page 24

Effectively gathering, analysing, and using assessment information promotes students' learning and helps to reduce educational disparities.

Assessment information is used to improve teaching and learning in HPE. It allows teachers, schools, and systems to report on what students have achieved at certain points in time and provides information that assures parents, boards, and the public about the quality of education.

Feedback given to students in classes associated with Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999) will relate to a wide range of knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes.

Teachers who plan alternative activities and open-ended tasks, and who enable students to initiate learning activities, will find that they and their students have many opportunities to give (and receive) useful feedback. Some teachers find it helpful to invite a colleague to visit their class and monitor the kinds of feedback that they give to their students. This practice can help teachers become more aware of this important component of their teaching practice.