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Managing change

Planning to manage identified change through implementing the curriculum statement

Once teachers reach this point in their professional development for the implementation of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999), most are able to identify some changes that need to be made in their schools.

The completion of the national indicator sheet may help you to prioritise the tasks. You could also check the facets of a school that promote hauora/well-being.

Word icon. Implementing Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999) (Word, 41 KB)

School promoting hauora - well-being


Implementation (which will involve change) is made easier by collaborating with key people – senior management, other staff, parents, care givers, and outside agencies.

Some creative implementation strategies may be helpful when planning to make changes. These have been collated from our contract workshops.

If you are able to add to this list, please email your ideas to health@tki.org.nz.

Plannin to manage change has been developed from work done by Ruth Sutton, an educational consultant. Follow steps 1 to 5.

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