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Creating Positive Learning Environments

The choices that students make about health and physical activity, the actions they go on to take, and the habits they form are linked to their sense of belonging, at home, at school, and in the wider community. When a school provides a caring and supportive environment, students feel valued and are able to contribute to school and community life.

All members of the school community should work together to:

  • respond sensitively to students' needs;
  • value the unique contributions of student from various cultural backgrounds;
  • provide experiences that support the development of positive attitudes, trust, and mutual respect;
  • use teaching and learning approaches that reinforce the development of a sense of personal and social responsibility;
  • ensure that the policies, practices, and structures of the school agree with the aims and achievement objectives of this curriculum;
  • provide "a safe physical and emotional environment for students", as required by National Administration Guideline 5(i).