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Marking schedule tracking sheets

Find out how one teacher used this tracking sheet

  • Current unit titles for health education, physical education and home economics are written across the top of the tracking sheet (one tracking sheet for each level).
  • When units of work based on other curriculum areas incorporate aspects of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999) (integrated units), relevant titles and AO's can be recorded on the tracking sheet.
  • An "F" indicates the focus achievement objective for which there are planned teaching activities. These should be assessed (indicate with a circle).
  • An "S" indicates supporting or supplementary achievement objectives.
  • Codes on tracking sheets identify the Key Areas of Learning (KAL) and essential skill/s being developed in the unit.

After completing the programme analysis, check for the following

  • coverage of key areas of learning (see day one)
  • coverage of achievement objectives (refer to page 13, curriculum for a definition of achievement objectives)

    Word icon. Tracking sheet (Word, 54 KB)