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Unit planning and templates

Unit Planning Templates

There are places to record achievement objectives on all of these plans. It is important to show clear links between achievement objectives (AO's), learning outcomes (LO's) and learning activities.

You might like to print off the list below and refer to it as you do your planning. If you would like a copy of this, go to file and click on print.

Guidelines For Planning Units of Learning

  • Identify the student learning needs which need to be met through this unit.
  • Select a title which provides a focus.
  • Scope the AO's at appropriate level/s (check verbs).
  • Write learning outcomes that specify context and content.
  • Develop learning activities that enable the outcomes to be attained. Consider beginning with an activity that allows students to clarify relevant knowledge and attitudes.
  • Identify assessment task and judgment statement. Is it part of the learning? (see examples in the Curriculum in Action booklets).
  • Check that there are at least two strands being used.
  • Identify how the strategies and activities you have selected are developing the underlying concepts.

Note: Teachable moments. Programmes should be flexible enough to enable relevant teachable moments to be taken, but care should be taken that these directly relate to the needs of students and that relevant AO's are recorded on the unit plan.

Download the unit planning templates that are available in Word format:

Word icon. Template 1 (Word, 29 KB)

Word icon. Template 2 (Word, 32 KB)

Word icon. Template 3 (Word, 35 KB)

Word icon. Template 4 (Word, 30 KB)