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Reflecting on implementing the curriculum statement

Where are you at? How have things improved for students in the classroom? Reflect on what has been tried in your classroom or school in relation to the new curriculum since Part 2. Record what you have done, any highlights, and any issues that have arisen. You might like to share this information with us by emailing health@tki.org.nz

Collection of baseline data

Teachers in the workshops find it very helpful to record some baseline data against the National Indicators for the implementation of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999).

Word icon. Implementing Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999) (Word, 41 KB)

These indicators were developed by contract facilitators at a national hui and use the 1 – 5 scale.

The national indicators:

  • help teachers identify aspects of the curriculum implementation that need to be addressed; and
  • indicate the progress being made towards full implementation.

A collation of results from the whole staff will give a school-wide picture.

Teachers may also wish to develop a personal reflection sheet. A sample is provided below:

Word icon. Personal Reflection - How well am I implementing the curriculum? (Word, 27 KB)