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What do your students need to learn?

Gathering and analysing a range of information about the outdoor education learning needs of your students will help you to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they need to develop in their class programmes. Possible learning outcomes that relate to the outdoor education learning experiences in this book are listed below. You could draw on these outcomes to set goals with your students and to provide them with feedback about their progress.

Students will




Following Safe Practices in the Outdoor Environment
  • identify the potential dangers associated with an outdoor activity
2/3 A 3
  • identify ways to ensure both their own safety and that of others when participating in an outdoor activity
2/3 A 3
  • use safe practices and basic risk-management strategies when participating in an outdoor activity. 
2/3 A 3
Being Active and Skilled Participants in Outdoor Education Activities
  • demonstrate map-reading and compass skills when performing an outdoor activity
2 B 1
  • express feelings of satisfaction after actively participating in an outdoor activity 
2 B 2
  • demonstrate confidence when participating in challenging outdoor activities. 
3 B 2
Developing Personal and Social Skills 
  • demonstrate co-operative skills when participating in group activities
2 C 1
  • identify ways to work co-operatively when participating in group activities 
3 C 1
  • describe similar and different attributes that group members bring to an activity
2 C 2
  • act responsibly to support the rights and feelings of others when participating in group activities.
3 C 2
Caring for and Protecting the Environment
  • explain how the outdoor environment is affected by people’s attitudes and actions
2 D 1
  • identify how the school and local environments can be used as a resource to benefit both themselves and the community
2 D 2
  • develop and implement a plan to improve an aspect of the school or local environment.
3 D 4