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Key concepts

  • Self:
  • Students will develop positive, responsible attitudes to their own well-being.
  • Self/Others:
  • Students will develop respect for the rights of others.
  • Others/Society:
  • Students will develop care and concern for others and the environment.
  • Society/Others/Self:
  • Students will develop a sense of social justice.

Olympic ideals:

  • the balanced development of the mind, body, and character
  • the joy found in effort
  • the educational value of being a positive role model for others
  • observing the universal ethics of tolerance, generosity, unity, friendship, non-discrimination, and respect for others.

Goal of Olympism

Olympism uses sport to promote the balanced development of people as an essential step in building a peaceful world that places a high value on human dignity. (Understanding Olympism, page 4)

This goal supports the general aims set out on page 7 of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999).