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Possible learning experiences

A range of learning experiences are suggested under the Possible Learning Experiences sub-sections.

Some activities can be used independently, while others need to be linked. Teachers should select those experiences that will best meet the learning needs of their students.

Students should come to understand that the Olympic ideals focus on the holistic development of people and society. Through play, physical activity, and sport, students should have opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the ideals in action. This will help them to recognise the social and cultural significance of sport and the impact that it has on societies.
Assessment Opportunities

While all activities can be used for assessment purposes, teachers will select those that best demonstrate whether the learning needs of their students have been met. For many of the learning activities, assessment opportunities have been identified. These activities and assessment opportunities have been linked to suggested learning outcomes by the use of bold print.

Attitude to own well-being
Respect for other people
Developing care and concern
Social justice