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References and resources

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This book is to be printed in 2000; copies will be distributed to all schools.

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New Zealand Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Australian Olympic Committee

Ministry of Education

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  • c/o Maison du Sport Francais
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  • Physical Education New Zealand
  • Te Reo Kori Aotearoa
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  • Johnsonville
  • Wellington


This is the online version of Attitudes and Values: Olympic Ideals in Physical Education, in the Curriculum in Action series published 2000 for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media, Box 3293, Wellington.

The Ministry of Education would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of the book Attitudes and Values: Olympic Ideals in Physical Education, in particular the principal writer, Lorna Gillespie, and the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

The New Zealand Olympic emblem in the Developing Care and Concern section is included with the permission of the New Zealand Olympic Committee. The Olympic Truce in the Possible Learning Experiences section, and the Olympic symbol are reproduced with the consent of the International Olympic Committee.