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Possible learning experiences

A range of learning experiences is suggested below. Teachers should select those that best meet the learning needs of their students.  

Assessment Opportunities

Although all activities can be used for assessment purposes, teachers will select those that best demonstrate whether the learning needs of their students have been met. Some assessment opportunities have been identified for each learning experience, and these have been linked to suggested learning outcomes and possible learning activities by the use of bold print.

Suggested Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • identify hazards in local aquatic environments and develop strategies for coping with them (1D4);
  • describe and demonstrate simple practices that contribute to water hygiene (1A3);
  • follow rules and regulations in and around aquatic environments (2B4).

Assessment opportunity

Illustrate a local aquatic environment showing potential hazards (1D4).

Responsible practices
Water awareness
Beginnings of propulsion