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Change, loss, and grief: key concepts

To understand change, disappointment, loss, and grief in their lives, students need to:

  • understand that change is a part of life and that change has the potential for both loss and gain
  • understand that loss comes in many forms and that we respond to disappointment and loss by grieving
  • understand that grief is a normal part of life and that individuals and groups have different ways of experiencing and expressing grief
  • learn about the feelings associated with grief and learn that these feelings are a necessary, important, and healthy response to grief
  • become aware of their own and others’ needs during times of loss and learn how these needs can best be met.

To develop skills for coping with change, disappointment, loss, and grief in their lives, students need to:

  • acknowledge their own feelings of grief and develop healthy ways of expressing them
  • acknowledge other people’s feelings of grief and adopt supportive attitudes and behaviours to assist them
  • help develop a supportive environment in the classroom and school
  • identify supportive networks and organisations in the community.