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What do your year 7-8 students need to learn?

Gathering and analysing a range of information about the learning needs of your students in relation to change, disappointment, loss, and grief will help you to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they need to develop in their class programmes. Possible learning outcomes that relate to the learning experiences in this book are listed below. You could draw on these outcomes to set goals with your students and to provide them with feedback about their progress.

Students will




Understanding Change and Loss
  • identify and reflect on change, disappointment, and loss as factors that affect well-being;
3 A 1
  • identify the gains and losses that changes in people’s lives bring about in relationships.
4 C 1
Understanding the Feelings of Grief
  • identify and describe the impact of grief on well-being;
3 A 1
  • describe how their own and others’ feelings, beliefs, and actions associated with change, disappointment, and loss impact on their sense of self-worth;
3 A 4
  • describe how grief affects relationships.
4 C 1
Coping with Disappointment, Loss, and Grief      
  • identify ways in which people cope with loss and grief and develop strategies to manage their own grief;
3 A 1
  • describe appropriate ways to manage relationship changes that are brought about by change, loss, and grief;
4 C 1
  • describe and demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills and strategies appropriate for managing change and loss.
4 C 3
Helping Others Who Are Grieving
  • describe appropriate ways of supporting those affected by change and loss;
4 C 1
  • describe and demonstrate interpersonal skills needed to access support for others who are grieving.
4 C 3
Building a Supportive Environment 
  • identify how people’s attitudes, values, and actions can contribute to a healthy environment for young people experiencing change and loss;
3 D 1
  • examine how societal factors, such as culture, influence the well-being of the student community in relation to change, loss, and grief;
5 D 1
  • identify local resources that can assist people experiencing change and loss and explain how these resources contribute to a healthy community;
4 D 2
  • take individual and collective action to contribute to a safe emotional environment;
4 D 3/4
  • use simple guidelines and practices that contribute to physically and socially healthy classrooms, schools, and local environments for students who are experiencing change and loss.
4 D 3/4