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Creative Play: Key concepts

Enhancing a sense of self-worth

Students need opportunities to:

  • experience success;
  • engage their imagination;
  • accept challenges and take risks;
  • learn through trial and error;
  • enhance their sense of adventure;
  • experience fun and enjoyment through movement.

Increasing body awareness

Students need to learn:

  • what they can move (the parts of their body);
  • where they can move (the space around them);
  • how they can move (the different efforts involved);
  • what they can use to move with (the equipment they can use).

Building positive relationships

When playing alongside others, sharing space and equipment, students need opportunities to:

  • copy;
  • lead;
  • follow;
  • negotiate;
  • co-operate.

Exploring environments

When involved in creative play, students need opportunities to:

  • use a variety of equipment;
  • experience a range of physical environments;
  • become aware of their own physical limitations within physical environments;
  • make sense of their physical world, for example, sand, water, grass, and structures;
  • experience sensory stimulus;
  • understand that real and imagined physical environments affect their playing choices;
  • acknowledge how social and cultural environments influence their physical behaviours;
  • demonstrate safe behaviours.