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Friendships: key concepts

Enhancing Relationships

This includes students:

  • understanding a range of roles within classroom relationships, ways to establish and maintain these, and how to respond to changes
  • developing sensitivity towards and respect for others by acknowledging individual differences and the in and agencies to access when right of every student to be accepted regardless of gender, ability or disability, age, ethnicity or culture, belief system, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status
  • developing interpersonal skills and processes to enhance classroom relationships, including:
    • expressing feelings to, listening to, and responding to others
    • using basic assertiveness skills to help give and receive feedback, address discrimination, resolve conflict, and ease peer pressure
    • using health-enhancing processes, such as problem solving, decision making, media­tion, and negotiation.

Supportive Environments

This includes students identifying:

  • attitudes and values that influence a classroom community
  • people they can trust and confide in agencies to access when support is needed
  • rights and reciprocal responsibilities in friendships.