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Key concepts

Physical activity: Key concepts

To develop a sense of personal identity and self-worth, students need to:

  • describe their ideas, needs, and feelings and listen sensitively to those of others;
  • identify personal strengths that they contribute as part of a group or as a class member;
  • feel good about themselves and be able to describe themselves in relation to their classmates.

To maintain and enhance their relationships, students need to:

  • examine factors that contribute to maintaining and enhancing relationships;
  • communicate effectively with others in social situations;
  • demonstrate co-operation and fair play as they interact with others

To contribute to a healthy and happy social environment, students need to:

  • examine how their actions and choices contribute to a socially healthy classroom and playground;
  • work together to make their classroom and playground a safe, happy environment;
  • respect the rights of others and behave in a responsible way.