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Planning considerations

Class programmes should be guided by a school-wide health plan developed after considering the learning needs of students. See The Needs of Learners in Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum (1999).

Teachers could begin planning by gathering a range of information about the learning needs of their students and by considering whether any of the possible learning outcomes might meet these learning needs.

After discussing appropriate learning outcomes with students, refer to the related learning experiences and choose activities, from here or elsewhere, that are most likely to help students achieve their next learning steps. For example, to help students achieve the learning outcome "examine how their actions and choices contribute to a socially healthy classroom", teachers could choose the learning activity Deciding What to Do, could devise activities of their own, or could use activities from other resources, for example, Building a Supportive Environment in The Curriculum in Action book Change, Loss, and Grief.

A range of activities has been provided. This is to allow teachers flexibility in planning. Some activities will suit new entrants best, while others will be more appropriate for years 2 or 3. Teachers should choose activities that match the abilities of the class.