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Making Connections: Key concepts

In order to develop resilience and a sense of connectedness, students need opportunities to:

  • experience a caring and supportive environment;
  • feel that they are contributing something of value to society;
  • discover that they have choices about their own well-being;
  • give and receive positive feedback.

In order to learn to enhance their own well-being and make positive contributions to the well-being of other people and the environment, students need opportunities to:

  • explore issues and take action;
  • practise health promotion;
  • put democratic principles into action;
  • use assertive and constructive decision-making processes;
  • work within agreed boundaries, rules, or routines;
  • develop their own value systems.

In order to learn to promote their own well-being and that of others, students need opportunities to:

  • apply their skills and knowledge in meaningful situations;
  • make connections to other people in their communities;
  • give and receive support;
  • express their feelings appropriately.

In order to develop their own ideas about and attitudes towards well-being, students need to:

  • gain knowledge and skills that can enhance their well-being;
  • develop positive attitudes and values in relation to their own well-being;
  • recognise and celebrate their cultures, especially those traditions that foster a sense of belonging and support well-being;
  • develop an understanding about social, cultural, and historical issues and their influence on people's well-being;
  • discover the connections between knowledge and understandings in different key areas of learning and across the curriculum.