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Exploring te ao kori

Te ao kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. Exploring Te Ao Kori describes learning experiences derived from customary Māori cultural practices. This resource integrates health and physical education and the arts, and it provides teachers with ideas for planning activities to meet the identified learning needs of students.

Exploring Te Ao Kori can be accessed from either the arts or the health and physical education communities.

The resource is still 'a work in progress' and users are encouraged to provide feedback by completing the form which can be located at the end of the right-hand navigation.

To view the related resource, in te reo Māori, go to Te Ao Kori.

This resource should enable students to explore the skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes embedded in:


  • Exploring Te Ao Kori (published on Te Kete Ipurangi The Online Learning Centre by the TKI Joint Venture for the New Zealand Ministry of Education in 2005).
  • Text and illustrations copyright © Crown 2005. All rights reserved except: He Kōrero Whakataki copyright © Peti Nohotima; the description of tikanga adapted from Ako: Concepts and Learning in the Māori Tradition copyright © Rangimarie Rose Pere 1982; the whakataukī by Raharuhi Rukupō, public domain; the whakapapa of the tī rākau, the whakapapa of the poi, and the whakapapa of the haka copyright © The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand 1998; the song 'One Day a Taniwha', public domain.