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Healthy lifestyles

This collection shares the experiences of schools all over New Zealand that have one thing in common – a commitment to improving their students’ nutrition, general health and well-being, by encouraging healthy eating and active lifestyles.


Guidelines for school food programmes

Best practice guidance for your school.

Food and nutrition snapshots

Schools around the country briefly share what they've been doing to tackle food and nutrition issues.

Food and nutrition case studies

A closer look at how 12 schools around New Zealand have tackled food and nutrition issues, and the benefits they're seeing as a result.

Physical activity case studies

Primary schools and their communities explain how physical activity has significantly improved their health and well-being.

Student well-being case studies

Schools and their communities explain how the Student Wellbeing: Mental Health Education Contract improved their emotional well-being.

Food and nutrition for healthy, confident kids

Guidelines to Support Healthy Eating Environments in New Zealand Early Childhood Education Services and Schools.

Nutrition websites

Websites, agencies, and resources to help schools as they consider their students' nutrition, general health and well-being.