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Avalon Intermediate School

On Sandwich Days three times a week, children are able to order salad sandwiches or salads with tuna or ham. The sandwiches are sold to the students for $1 each. Children take turns to make the sandwiches and, once their duty is finished, they receive a free sandwich.

The first thing the students learn is appropriate hygiene for handling food. By the end of the year, every child has learned to make a tasty and healthy sandwich using good hygiene practices.

The special needs teacher (and/or teacher aide) shops for fresh ingredients with one or two students as part of their life skills programme. The students are rostered to help prepare the food (slice, grate, mix) and put it into containers. They then set out the ingredients on a production line in the hall kitchen. This happens twice a week.

On alternate Wednesdays at certain times of the year, selected students make healthy muffins that are added to the lunches.

The school garden is another programme students are involved in. It supplies lettuce and tomatoes for the Sandwich Days, and broccoli and cauliflower for the Food Technology department.

Healthy breakfasts are offered on Wednesday mornings in the food room from 8.00–8.45.

All the children have daily fruit breaks where they enjoy a slice of fruit to perk up flagging energy levels. The students take turns to bring fruit from home. The fruit breaks are supported by the Fruit in Schools Programme. Apple and pear trees have been planted, and the students are enjoying the first fruit from these trees.