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Owhata Primary School

Owhata Primary School’s Healthy Food Business Venture began in 2007 when one classroom developed a business project to prepare and deliver healthy options to other students. A student was elected project supervisor, and students decided to trial cheese toasted sandwiches. Orders were taken by one student and two other students would butter the bread and prepare cheese. Using donated toasted-sandwich makers, sandwiches were made and delivered by students to the canteen and stored in pie warmers until delivered.

In term 2 of 2007, toasted sandwiches outsold pies. By term 3, this toasted sandwich venture made a profit of $850 in just one term.

By term 4 this project also included baked potatoes and nachos, and once again a huge profit was made by the class – enough to take the whole class camping, to the movies, luging and tenpin bowling, and to throw a class party.

The success of this project inspired another class at the school to prepare and sell vegetable soup and noodles throughout the winter months. This class then went on to trial fruit/yoghurt combinations.