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Paraparaumu College

The college now has a refrigerated food display cabinet for its canteen. As part of their year 13 home economics course, two year 13 students, Michelle Naylor and Hannah Butcher, took part in a project to find a way to promote the healthy food available at the college canteen. The college has operated a healthy food policy for the last five years, never offering fizzy drinks to students and always having healthy food options available.

The students sought parent feedback and conducted a student survey. They found that although healthy foods were readily available from the college canteen, the chilled foods were not on display. Students felt that if they could see the foods, they would be more inclined to purchase them.

Michelle and Hannah applied to the Capital and Coast District Health Board’s nutrition fund for their healthy food display project, and were successful. The display cabinet will be prominently placed in the canteen to encourage students to broaden their choices from the wide range of healthy food available at the college.

Check out the canteen menu on the college website: https://paraparaumucollege.school.nz.