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Appendix 3: Sample teacher survey

The intent of this questionnaire is to get a picture of staff views of any unmet needs of students, particularly concerning any children hungry at school. This is will help the board to understand if we need any additional actions or whether current policies and process are working well for our students.

1. Do you have a way of regularly monitoring whether children in your class are bringing adequate food to school for snacks and lunch? 

Yes (specify) 


2. Have you observed children who are hungry at school? 


Rarely (1/month)

Sometimes (more than 1/month, but not frequently)

Frequently (regular pattern for same students, e.g. days before "payday", at least one student hungry each week)

Any comment: __________________________________________________

3. If you have observed children who are hungry at school, why do you think they are hungry? (tick all that apply)

They have not eaten breakfast on offer at home

They have not brought adequate food to school for snacks and lunch

They likely do not have adequate food at home

Any comment: 

4. Do you know of students being kept home from school you suspect could be because they do not have food to send with them?

Yes (any comment) 


5. Do you know what to do if a child is hungry at school?

Yes (what?) 


6. Do you see any other unmet needs of children in your class we should be aware of for example, where they are unable to achieve to their potential or to fully participate in activities offered at the school due to lack of resources? (Tick all that apply)

Children have untreated medical conditions (please specify) 

Children don’t participate in activities where any extra payment is requested (for example, swimming, trips, shows) (please specify)

Children don’t participate in sporting activities that require special equipment (for example trainers for cross-country, togs) (please specify) 


Is there anything else you want to tell us about how to make things better for children at our school? 

Download this sample teacher survey below in Word document format

Word 2007 icon. Appendix 3: Sample teacher survey (Word 2007, 16 KB)