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Camberley School


From the Board of Trustees' view, the School Community Physical Activity Project (SCPAP) has been perfect for us to continue building community involvement.


Aim/Focus: Community

  • To hold school events that will encourage our parents and community to be part of our physical activity (PA) culture with their tamariki.


Camberley School is a small to medium-sized primary school, located in the small, compact suburb of Camberley in Hastings West.

Many of the residents are related and closely knit and this is the same for the school’s students and caregivers.

The community is friendly and supportive, and involvement with the school is both pleasing and on the rise. Attendance at parent–teacher interviews has, in the last 10 years, risen from 45% to 92%. Employment in the community is seasonal.

The school is, and has been for years, the focal point of the community, as the only suitable meeting place is the school’s hall. We believe our caregivers’ value of education is on the increase. The support we receive from our community is very strong.

Our open-door policy has built a strong relationship between the school and community. From the Board of Trustees' view, the School Community Physical Activity Project (SCPAP) initiative has been perfect for us to continue building community involvement. At Camberley School, all initiatives have an educational outcome.

Our school rule, “Respect yourself, respect others and respect all property”, promotes everything at Camberley School, including the SCPAP initiative.

Many years have been spent encouraging our parents and community to become involved in school activities. The rapport has been achieved and the barriers broken. Through sport, PA, and kai, our school encourages the parents and community to become involved.

Process undertaken

  • Staff discussions on approaches/ideas to implement
  • Board of Trustee awareness and approval of the ideas
  • Student PA /Health Committee meetings for ideas and approval
  • Newsletters for community helpers and upcoming events
  • Personal invitations to parents
  • Incorporating community / Te Ora Hau / role models (trying to use ex-pupils and local identities)
  • Following our PA action plan (community involvement)
  • Organisation of sponsorship deals (Sport Hawke’s Bay / supermarkets / Bakels, and so on).


  • Staff/community meetings
  • Parents – helpers – playground games – sports teams
  • Te Ora Hau
  • Board of Trustees
  • Principal – newsletter/community liaising – Health/PA Committee
  • Students – trolley/monitors.


  • To have a positive attitude by the community coming into the school
  • Improve the attitude of staff, parents, and students to PA
  • Students see the value of healthy eating and PA for their health
  • Students’ and parents’ enjoyment together while active
  • Use PE skills within a PA environment.



  • Increase of student and parent pride in the school
  • Continued increase and variation in equipment
  • Staff retention
  • PA days create a topic of interest to discuss between staff and community
  • Number of staff attending meetings from management, and junior and senior school
  • Supportive staff and increase in support from community
  • Motivation and interest of students – sustained by choice of gear
  • Students independently varying their activities
  • More parents coming after initial activities showed the community that doing PA with and alongside their students is FUN
  • It encourages other whānau to join in, too
  • Support from outside agencies (stakeholders)
  • Improved behaviour
  • Communication between staff and community
  • Appropriate expectations, activities, and organisation.

Possible future weaknesses

  • Ongoing availability of gear – additional and replacement
  • Change of staff ... future community liaisons
  • Need to be well prepared and plan for any barrier, and need to be flexible
  • Ongoing support from staff and parents ... need to sustain motivation for the future
  • Council changes and support withdrawn.