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Linwood Avenue School

Displaying the PALs activities on the sports noticeboard has kept the whole school community aware of which activities are running.

Aim/Focus: Co-curricular

  • To reintroduce and maintain the Physical Activity Leader (PAL) programme to engage students in lunchtime physical activity.
    Kids playing.


Contributing (years 1–6); School roll – 345

PALs were trained in 2006, but the programme was not sustained. Part of the reason was that students were not given enough direction by the leader of the PALs. They also needed closer monitoring and access to more resources.

The reason we wished to reintroduce this programme was that some students in the school were having difficulty engaging in appropriate activities. We also wanted to increase the amount of time students were physically active, and empower them to utilise their leisure time in an active way. Also, having responsible leaders may alleviate equipment issues such as non-return of equipment at lunchtimes.

Process undertaken


  • February/March 2007: PALs were trained by the Active Schools Facilitator.
  • PALs presented with badges at assembly.
  • Parents/community notified of who the PALs are.
  • Physical education / physical activity (PE/PA) Lead Teacher to monitor/meet/evaluate the PAL programme.
  • Establish a set of PAL equipment that only PALs can access.
  • Lead Teacher to make a timetable for the PALs. Distribute to all PALs and display in senior classroom, staffroom, and Lead Teacher's classroom.
  • One pair of PALs assigned per day of week. Each pair runs one game per day.
  • PALs to let Lead Teacher know what games are going to be on and what equipment they need for the week. Box of equipment to be in Lead Teacher's classroom each day, which the PALs will access.
  • PALs to "advertise" daily activity through posters and weekly assembly. Also to use the "Caught Being …" scheme (for example, caught helping a junior, caught showing fair play) by presenting one or two certificates.
  • Meet regularly to discuss what’s going well, improvements, and issues.


  • Lead Teacher key for sports shed in room
  • PAL gear box
  • Outside resources.


We hope that:

  • some year 5 pupils will become ‘"experts" in year 6
  • students are actively involved in PA during break times
  • students opt to be physically active during leisure time.


Having a teacher in charge of the PALs programme has meant the programme has operated more consistently. Students have a point of contact to refer to if/when any issues arise and more students have, as a result, been physically active.

Having a set of gear that only the PALs can access has been great because it has prevented gear from getting mixed up and has meant that the PALs have exactly what they need right from the start.

Displaying the PALs’ activities on the sports noticeboard has kept the whole school community aware of which activities are running.

The Caught Being Active Award has been a huge success and we have held inter-class competitions to see which class can obtain the most awards. This encourages the less active students to become more physically active.

Meeting regularly with the teacher in charge of PALs has identified what is going well and what needs to be improved on.