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Taradale Primary School


The students at Taradale Primary School have benefited from a rise in activity levels before school, during break times, and after school. It has been evident that students’ levels of confidence and enjoyment have risen, and this is reflected during the target times but also in PE lessons across the school.


Aim/Focus: Co-curricular

  • To increase the opportunities available to our students to further increase activity levels before school, break times, and after school.


The school consists of 400-plus students and has a number of facilities that have been vital in making our aim achievable.


Our surrounding environment/facilities have been used effectively and as often as possible.

These include:

  • swimming pool
  • Dolbel Reserve
  • Taradale Park
  • large playing field
  • new hall
  • netball/basketball courts
  • playground
  • small and large physical education (PE) storage sheds.

Process undertaken

A lead Active School team was created (two members from each team/syndicate) to kick-start things into action. We surveyed the students to find out their current activity levels, their favourite games, and which equipment they would like to see in the PE shed at lunchtimes. This was very beneficial in identifying equipment to purchase and the types of games/activities to keep promoting, and also which games/activities we could introduce that weren’t currently played.

An equipment inventory was also carried out, giving us a good indication of gaps in our resources that needed addressing. Due to support from our Board of Trustees and Principal, our PE budget was increased, and so more money was available to spend on resources or equipment for both the large PE shed (teacher/coaches PE equipment) and the small shed (students’ equipment that they can issue at lunchtime).

Sustainable systems were set up for issuing PE gear to both teachers and students. These systems are run by senior school students, promoting responsibility and respect for the school’s equipment. The students’ equipment shed (along with the donated sports trolley from Sport Hawke’s Bay) is only made available at lunchtimes for organisational purposes and it became evident that the students lacked things to do at morning tea break. It was decided to purchase PE gear for each classroom, which become the responsibility of each class, to give students the opportunity to use the gear at morning tea break. To make this sustainable, there will be a checklist at the end of each year to see if any equipment needs replacing.

A student Sport Council has also been set up, with year 5/6 students responsible for issuing gear and running lunchtime activities with different year levels each day. To make this ongoing, the year 5 students involved will aid in training the Sport Council in the following year.

We have run organised competitions during lunchtimes to promote and achieve our aim. Such competitions include Patter Tennis competitions, Fish ‘n’ Chip Footy, Teacher versus Student games, and so on. Wherever possible, we try to use teachers as effective role models. This could include sharing successes from the teacher’s own sport, or getting involved in local events, such as the Relay for Life.

Our buddy class system now has a big focus on increasing activity levels. During buddy times, the students are encouraged to play and share games/activities at lunchtimes.

After-school sports are consistently offered to the students and are coached by teachers or parents. The practices are run during lunchtimes, even the parent-coached teams. The sports that are offered are soccer, netball, rugby, dance, table tennis, canoe polo, basketball, hockey, cricket, gymnastics, T-ball, and swimming.

Wherever possible, we have involved people from our community to promote activity levels in our school. This included visits from the Hawks basketball team, Hawkes Bay Magpies, a Hawaiian dance group, and judo demonstrations by local clubs.


In order to sustain and maintain the activity levels, we have tried to spread the responsibility around. Starting with the Board of Trustees and Principal, filtering down to the Lead PE team, classroom teachers, and then the students themselves. Spreading the responsibilities has meant that we are covered if any of the staff leave. Also, setting up the systems we have with the students means that transitions can be made easily from year to year. Regular equipment checks, professional development, and staff meetings will also aid in the sustainability of our aim.


As a result of the process mentioned above, the students at Taradale Primary School have benefited from a rise in activity levels before school, during break times, and after school. It has been evident that students’ levels of confidence and enjoyment have risen, and this is reflected during the target times and in PE lessons across the school. Students who may have been inclined to use their lunch break inappropriately are now active and involved in games. This year we had the most netball and Thursday soccer teams for the past few years. Many students who have not participated in a sport in the past are now feeling confident enough to join sports teams.

Next steps

The goal for Taradale Primary School is now to ensure the PA culture that has been developed is sustained and maintained. We are always looking for new ways to make our students more active in the target times. Some of these ideas include scooter days, more sporting community visitors, whole-school 'Active' events, and purchasing new and exciting equipment.