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Woolston School

A more positive attitude and improved playground environment with a lower incidence of negative behaviour.

Aim/Focus: Co-curricular

  • To increase the amount of physical activity in the playground and positive interaction by getting students more involved in sport.


Full primary (years 1–8); School roll – 268

In the past, a lot of students:

  • lacked organisational skills around playing active games
  • lacked positive social interactions
  • would sometimes group in gangs that would get involved in physical violence.

Process undertaken


  1. Improve the availability of sports equipment and improve the amount and standard of sports uniforms.
  2. Organise a rugby and netball team to be involved in competitive sport on Thursday afternoons at Hagley Park.
  3. Encourage more parental support and help with coaching through notices and newsletters.


  • Four more parents involved with supporting and coaching sports teams.
  • Students practising and playing chosen sport during break times and after school, using equipment and organising themselves into teams.
  • More positive attitude and improved playground environment with a lower incidence of negative behaviour, especially among the senior students.

The aim to improve the state of physical activity and social interaction among the students of Woolston School was clearly met, and will continue to be a focus in future.


  • Organise and encourage more adult involvement. This was successful because it enabled more students to experience better quality coaching of each sport, which inspired them to be more focused and involved.
  • Change in personal mindset/belief. We believed that because we were a low-decile school, we wouldn’t get any parent help because of the historical parent apathy.

Next steps

  • To build on what has been achieved and believe that change can occur through persistence.
  • To expand the amount of competitive sport played at Woolston School, including introducing a hockey and soccer team into Thursday sport along with the rugby and netball teams.
  • To encourage more parental and outside agency help.
  • To develop a strong sporting culture through a reward system for achievement.