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Heart running


Learning about sport and health through cross-country.

Unit aim

To explore notions of health, influences on health, critique the value of deliberate physical activity, and apply a process to improve competence in cross-country.

General overview

In this unit students participate in a programme of deliberate running with a goal to improve aerobic ability. During this programme students explore their notions of health, influences on their health, and analyse the impact of deliberate physical activity.

Key area(s) of learning

Sports Studies This unit contributes to students identifying ways in which aspects of hauora are influenced by deliberate exercise.

Underlying concepts

This unit will enable students to develop an understanding of how exercise influences hauora, and reflect on factors that influence choices and behaviours relating to deliberate exercise (socio-ecological perspective).


Learning outcome

Learning experiences

Assessment opportunities

5A2 Students will participate in cross-country on a regular basis and describe how this can contribute to hauora. Students will:
  • participate in a programme of cross-country running; describe advantages and disadvantages of deliberate exercise;
  • identify how cross-country can contribute to dimensions of hauora; and
  • investigate personal views of health and the value of deliberate exercise.
Students recording distance run per lesson.
Completed table on advantages and disadvantages of deliberate exercise.
Competed table on contribution to hauora.
5B4 Students will investigate and experience ways in which people's physical competence and participation in cross-country are influenced by social and cultural factors.

Students will:

  • complete a daily check on effort, satisfaction and responsibility after participation; brainstorm influences on participation and complete wall display; and consider how individual competence is influenced by social and cultural factors and how this impacts on choice of activities.

Students completed daily check self assessment form:

Word icon. Heart Running - Daily debrief sheets (Word, 30 KB)

Possible teaching approaches

Hellison's social responsibility model and social inquiry model.

Possible lesson sequence:

Word icon. Heart Running (Possible Lesson Sequence) (Word, 73 KB)

PDF icon. Heart Running (Possible Lesson Sequence) (PDF, 264 KB)

Students worksheets:

Word icon. Heart Running (Students’ worksheet) (Word, 45 KB)