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Strategic agencies

There are a number of government, national, and community agencies that support teaching and learning in schools with programmes and resource material. It is important to note that all agency material should complement a HPE curriculum based learning programme based on the needs of the students. Ensure learning outcomes and assessment criteria are evident, and are guided by The New Zealand Curriculum (2007) or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (2009). Learn more about these agencies and what they have to offer our health and physical education learning area below.

Ministry of Health (or health related) agencies

New Zealand Police

The New Zealand Police have strong relationships and partnerships with both the Ministry of Education and schools with many police officers dedicated to working with schools.

Police provide a wide range of teaching resources freely available on the School Portal. New Zealand Police has developed a number of programmes, interventions, and resources for schools. These are grouped into five themes: Successful relationshipsResponsible citizensLiving in a safe communityTravelling safely, and Healthy body, healthy mind.

Police have strategic alignments and partnerships with schools as described in Police-school partnerships on the School Portal.

National sporting organisations

The national sporting organisations provide expertise in their sport and play a critical role in increasing participation in sport at regional and community levels.  

Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SportNZ)

Sport New Zealand’s vision is to enrich New Zealanders’ lives through sport. Their mission is to create a world-class sport system at all levels.

Working with Sport NZ

RSTs are important "centres of influence". They offer SPARC unique pathways into the different communities of New Zealand and:

  • provide a professional presence on the ground that is clearly aligned with SPARC's philosophy and mission
  • are a politically-neutral facilitator for comprehensive regional planning.

As part of the partnership with Sport NZ, RSTs report back to Sport NZ on agreed business plans.


Kiwisport is a Government funding initiative instigated in 2009 to support sport for school-aged children.

Regional sports trusts (RSTs)

Regional sports trusts (RSTs) share Sport New Zealand's focus on sport and recreation. They are key partners because they are there to:

  • To increase regional levels of physical activity.
  • To strengthen regional sport and physical recreation infrastructures.

Sport New Zealand invests in each RST as well as providing further investment for targeted initiatives such as He Oranga Poutama.

What RSTs do

RSTs are independent not-for-profit organisations governed by a Board of Trustees drawn from the local community.

Positioned as network hubs, RSTs have strong working relationships with sports organisations, local councils, health agencies, education institutions, local businesses, and the media. By mobilising financial and "in kind" resources within their local community, RSTs add value to Sport New Zealand’s strategy.

As umbrella organisations, RSTs work across the broad sport and physical recreation spectrum, assisting regional sports organisations, schools, and clubs as well as supporting individuals and community groups participating in less structured physical activity. They provide a regional voice for their sport and recreation communities.

RST accountabilities

RSTs are accountable to a variety of stakeholders.

They often have contractual relationships with local councils, health agencies, community trusts, and commercial sponsors. As service organisations, they are also responsive to the needs of their regional sport and physical recreation communities.