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Strand C: Relationships with Other People

Students will:

  • come to understand the nature of relationships
  • increase their understanding of personal identity and develop sensitivity to, and respect for, other people
  • use interpersonal skills effectively to enhance relationships.

Level 1

Students will:

  • explore and share ideas about relationships with other people
  • demonstrate sharing and co-operative skills in groups
  • express their own ideas, needs, and feelings effectively and listen to those of other people.

Level 2

Students will:

  • demonstrate ways of maintaining and enhancing relationships between individuals and within groups
  • describe how individuals and groups share characteristics and are also unique
  • express their ideas, needs, and feelings confidently and listen sensitively to other people and affirm them.

Level 3

Students will:

  • identify and compare ways of establishing relationships and managing changing relationships
  • recognise instances of discrimination and act responsibly to support their own rights and feelings and those of other people
  • identify the pressures that can influence interactions with other people and demonstrate basic assertiveness strategies to manage these.

Level 4

Students will:

  • identify the effects of changing situations, roles, and responsibilities on relationships and describe appropriate responses
  • recognise instances of discrimination and act responsibly to support their own rights and feelings and those of other people
  • describe and demonstrate a range of assertive communication skills and processes that enable them to interact appropriately with other people.

Level 5

Students will:

  • identify issues associated with relationships and describe options to achieve positive outcomes
  • demonstrate an understanding of how attitudes and values relating to difference influence their own safety and that of other people
  • demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills and processes that help them to make safe choices for themselves and other people in a variety of settings.

Level 6

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of how individuals and groups affect relationships by influencing people's behaviour, beliefs, decisions, and sense of self-worth
  • plan and evaluate strategies recognising their own and other people's rights and responsibilities to avoid or minimise risks in social situations
  • plan strategies and demonstrate interpersonal skills to respond to challenging situations appropriately.

Level 7

Students will:

  • analyse the nature and benefits of meaningful interpersonal relationships
  • analyse the beliefs, attitudes, and practices that reinforce stereotypes and role expectations, identifying ways that these shape people's choices at individual, group, and societal levels
  • evaluate information, make informed decisions, and use interpersonal skills effectively to manage conflict, competition, and change in relationships.

Level 8

Students will:

  • critically analyse the dynamics of effective relationships in a range of social contexts
  • critically analyse attitudes, values, and behaviours that contribute to conflict and identify and describe ways of creating more harmonious relationships
  • analyse and evaluate attitudes and interpersonal skills that enable people to participate fully and effectively as community members in various situations.