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Food and Nutrition

The food choices made by individuals and families affect all aspects of their health.

Food and nutrition education enables students to make informed decisions about food and the choices that will contribute to their own well-being and that of other people.

In this key area of learning, students will have opportunities to examine the influence of food and nutrition in relation to the physical, social, mental and emotional, and spiritual dimensions of hauora.

Through the socio-ecological perspective, the students will examine the influences of culture, technology, and society on food choices, food preparation, and eating patterns. They will develop strategies for addressing nutrition-related health issues.

Effective food and nutrition education is reinforced by a school environment that encourages healthy eating, promotes safe food-handling practices, and makes use of community support.

Give your students practical experiences designed to help them develop health-enhancing attitudes to food and nutrition.

Recognise and plan for the diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds of students in New Zealand schools.

By the end of year 8, all students will have had practical cooking experiences.

Programmes should encourage a healthy and realistic attitude to body size and shape and promote the enjoyment and appreciation of food.

Students require learning opportunities in food and nutrition education that will enable them to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • the nutrition required for growth and development
  • how nutrition, exercise, and well-being are related
  • the cultural significance of food and of rituals associated with food and nutrition
  • ways to select and prepare food 
  • eating patterns that reflect health-enhancing attitudes towards nutrition
  • the costs associated with buying and preparing food
  • how to meet nutritional needs on a limited budget
  • food safety.