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Attitudes and values

Programmes in health and physical education contribute to the well-being of individuals and society by promoting the attitudes and values listed below.

Through their learning in health and physical education, students will develop a positive and responsible attitude to their own physical, mental and emotional, social, and spiritual well-being that includes:

  • valuing themselves and other people
  • a willingness to reflect on beliefs
  • the strengthening of integrity, commitment, perseverance, and courage.

They will develop respect for the rights of other people, for example, through:

  • acceptance of a range of abilities
  • acknowledgment of diverse viewpoints
  • tolerance, rangimarie, and open-mindedness.

They will develop care and concern for other people in their community and for the environment through:

  • cooperation and awhina
  • applying aroha, manaakitanga, care, compassion, and mahi a ngakau
  • constructive challenge and competition
  • positive involvement and participation.

They will develop a sense of social justice and will demonstrate:

  • fairness
  • inclusiveness and non-discriminatory practices.

Achievement objectives.