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Key resources

Key resources for teaching Health Education, Physical Education, and Home Economics. 

The following resource material can be used for teaching and learning programmes. All programmes should be based on the needs of students and guided by The New Zealand Curriculum (2007).

Relationships and Sexuality Education: A guide for teachers, leaders and boards of trustees (2020)

This resource is a revision of Sexuality Education: A guide for principals, boards of trustees, and teachers (2015). The resource will assist boards of trustees, principals, and teachers in all New Zealand state and state-integrated schools to comply with the requirements of the Education and Training Act 2020 to consult with the school community on the way in which the health curriculum should be implemented.

Curriculum in Action series

Curriculum In Action series is a series of booklets that provide teachers with ideas for planning units of work. View online versions of a selection of the Curriculum in Action series supporting the Health and Physical Education in New Zealand curriculum.

Te Ao Kori (the world of movement)

Te Ao Kori is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. Exploring Te Ao Kori describes learning experiences derived from customary Māori cultural practices. This resource integrates health and physical education and the arts, and it provides teachers with ideas for planning activities to meet the identified learning needs of students. Explore Te Ao Kori through the following sections: What is Te Ao Kori? Planning learning experiences, Intended outcomes.

Developing Fundamental Skills

Fundamental movement skills are an integral part of any physical education programme. Use the following resources to plan learning activities for your students:

Focus on Food/Te Arotahi ki te kai (2008)

Focus on Food is a curriculum resource for teachers wanting to encourage year 5–8 students to think critically about food and what influences their food choices. Aligned with The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, Focus on Food/Te Arotahi ki te kai is available in English and te reo Māori and is designed to support teachers with planning units of learning around food and nutrition.


te reo Māori

PDF icon. Introduction (PDF, 743 KB)

PDF icon. He Kupu Whakataki (PDF, 661 KB)

PDF icon. Level 2 (PDF, 1 MB)

PDF icon. Taumata 2 (PDF, 1 MB)

PDF icon. Level 3 (PDF, 791 KB)

PDF icon. Taumata 3 (PDF, 746 KB)

PDF icon. Level 4 (PDF, 888 KB)

PDF icon. Taumata 4 (PDF, 727 KB)

PDF icon. References further reading recources (PDF, 141 KB)

PDF icon. Ngā Tohutoro (PDF, 164 KB)

PDF icon. Appendicies (PDF, 470 KB)

PDF icon. Ngā Āpitihanga (PDF, 469 KB)

Health education online resource agencies

The following agencies have resources that support teaching programmes in the mental health and body care and physical safety key areas of learning. Visit their websites for resource material suitable for classroom use:

Education Review Office - Promoting wellbeing through sexuality education

The Education Review Office (ERO) report Promoting wellbeing through sexuality education and supporting brochures provide findings from ERO's evaluation of how well schools were promoting and supporting student wellbeing through sexuality education. The report includes high-level findings, examples of good practice, and recommendations for schools and policy audiences. It is accompanied by a series of short publications for whānau, senior secondary students, and Boards of Trustees.

NZ Transport Agency Education Portal

The New Zealand Transport Agency Education Portal encourages a whole school approach to influence students to adopt road safety behaviours. Resources such as: adopting a whole school approach, the big event, pedestrian safety, cycle safety, and rail safety contribute to support learning so young people can individually and collectively make informed decisions that contribute to a safe system. A safe system involves the combination of safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, and safe road use.

Home economics related online resource agencies

The following agencies have resources that support teaching programmes in home economics and the key area of learning – food and nutrition.

  • 5+ a day Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Learn By Heart – Heart Foundation resources, tools, & programmes that focus on healthy eating and physical activity
  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Te Ao Tūroa resource looks at how 3 key interrelated systems – animal welfare, biosecurity, and food – support our primary industries. Learning experiences for levels 1–5 of The New Zealand Curriculum are contextualised into one or more of the key interrelated systems and link to the learning areas of health and physical education, science, social studies, and technology. 

Te Hotu Manawa Māori

Te Hotu Manawa Māori delivers health services "by Māori for Māori", providing solutions tailored to meet the needs of Māori. Visit their website to source resources for teaching and learning programmes in the HPE learning area.

NZ Olympic Committee

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has produced a number of New Zealand curriculum-aligned teaching and learning resources to promote the Olympic Values. Living the Olympic Values contains a variety of digital shared-reading texts based on the Olympic values.