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Policy Guidelines

The following policy guidelines provide guidance and support for school wide initiatives and programmes related to the Health and Physical Education learning area.

Relationships and Sexuality Education: A guide for teachers, leaders and boards of trustees (2020)

This resource is a revision of Sexuality Education: A guide for principals, boards of trustees, and teachers (2015). The resource will assist boards of trustees, principals, and teachers in all New Zealand state and state-integrated schools to comply with the requirements of the Education and Training Act 2020 to consult with the school community on the way in which the health curriculum should be implemented.

Alcohol and other drug education programmes: guide for schools (2014)

This guide provides introductory information for schools on alcohol and other drug education programmes. 

EOTC Guidelines – Bringing the Curriculum Alive 2016

These guidelines take account of current teaching and safety practices and aim to help teachers extend the classroom outdoors or into the community. They show boards, principals, and teachers ways to provide quality learning experiences that are as safe as possible for students and staff while meeting the legal requirements.

Physical Activity for Healthy Confident Kids Guidelines

These guidelines help school communities plan and provide opportunities for physical activities. Developed by the Ministry of Education and Sport New Zealand (SPARC), the guidelines explain the purpose of physical education and are supported by "how to" examples in the online appendices.

PDF icon. Physical activity for healthy confident kids guidelines for sustainable physical acitvity in school communities.pdf (PDF, 3 MB)

The appendices provide examples of "how to" for teachers, coaches, parents, and community providers.

Preventing and responding to suicide: Resource kit for schools

The Preventing and responding to suicide: Resource kit for schools, updated in 2019 in consultation with the Ministry of Health.

The online kit provides information to enable all staff to respond to students experiencing suicidal behaviours. The update ensures staff have information and resources for creating positive safe environments and providing sensitive responses after a suicide, and to promote wellbeing. (Hard copies of this resource are no longer available).

You can read the 2019–2029 suicide prevention strategy Every Life Matters | He Tapu te Oranga o ia tangata. The Ministry developed this in consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, and other key stakeholders.

Further information and resources can be found on the Ministry of Education's website to support safe teacher conversations about suicide and or/distressing information with students.