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Welcome to Health and Physical Education Online

Key aspects of Health and Physical Education in the context of The New Zealand Curriculum(2007) are covered in this website.

The focus of Health and Physical Education (HPE) aligns with The New Zealand Curriculum’s (2007) vision for all learners.

The core of HPE is supporting the well-being of the students.

Teaching your students how to improve their well-being and to look after themselves improves their personal health.

Studying HPE can also improve public health. It can be a stepping-stone to health equity.

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In this section, you will find information about:

  • HPE in the New Zealand Curriculum
  • teaching in HPE
  • key resources
  • policy guidelines
  • assessment resources.

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Three inter-connected subjects make up the learning area of HPE. 

The subjects are:

  • health education
  • physical education
  • home economics.

These subjects, which share a conceptual framework and achievement objectives, provide knowledge and skills that allow your learners to contribute positively to the well-being of individuals, groups, and society.

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The resources and links here aim to provide teachers, parents, and students with subject specific information. There is also professional learning support content for Health Education, Physical Education, and Home Economics.

This section provides information and links to:

  • professional learning support
  • professional subject associations
  • agencies and websites that support HPE.

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Many government, national, and community agencies support teaching and learning in schools with programmes and resource material.

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