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Possible learning experiences

A range of learning experiences is suggested below. Teachers should select those that best meet the learning needs of their students.

For safety reasons, ensure that the students have the opportunity to acquire any specific knowledge and experience required for aparticular activity.

Assessment opportunities

Although most activities can be used for assessment purposes, teachers will select those that best demonstrate whether the learning needs of their students have been met. Assessment opportunities have been identified for some learning experiences, and these have been linked to suggested learning outcomes and learning activities by the use of bold print.

Warming up and cooling down

All activities should be preceded by an appropriate activity. The students should warm up slowly, starting at a walk and gradually increasing the momentum to include jogging, leaping, hopping, or jumping.

Warm up and stretch

Warming up and stretching prepares the body for physical activity. It lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow to the heart, increases muscle temperature, and makes muscles more pliable. By warming up, athletes may improve their performance and reduce-the risk of injury.

Cool down and stretch

Cooling down and stretching after physical activity may reduce the risk of injury. It also reduces potential muscle soreness and promotes flexibility. This low-intensity exercise could include such activities as slow jogging and stretching.

Five methods of jumping
Knowing how you are going
Developing confidence by controlling springing and landing
Setting fitness goals
Skipping for health
Developing relationships through Te Reo Kori
Minor games