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Springdale School

Springdale School has begun to implement the new curriculum, with a focus on thinking. All students have worked on the enquiry ‘What makes a healthy me?’ and looking at the government’s new initiative to change the types of food sold in canteens.

A Thinking Morning was held, using Professor Edward de Bono’s six hats representing lateral thinking. The red hat group had to think about how they felt about this; yellow hat students had to think about all the good points; black hat students considered the negatives; white hat students had to look at the facts; the green hat group had to be creative and come up with new ideas for the school’s canteen menu; and at the end of the day, they all put on the blue hat to think about what they have done so far and where to go next.

As part of the school’s community consultation, all students at the school were involved in preparing a healthy lunch for their parents.