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The socio-ecological perspective

People can take part in the health promotion process effectively only when they have a clear view of the social and environmental factors that affect health and well-being.

Through learning experiences that reflect the socio-ecological perspective, students can seek to remove barriers to healthy choices. They can help to create the conditions that promote their own well-being and that of other people and society as a whole.

Through this perspective, students will also come to a better appreciation of how and why individuals differ.

The socio-ecological perspective will be evident when students:

  • identify and reflect on factors that influence people's choices and behaviours relating to health and physical activity, including:
    • social
    • economic
    • environmental
    • cultural 
    • behavioural factors and their interactions
  • recognise the need for mutual care and shared responsibility between themselves, other people, and society
  • actively contribute to their own well-being, to that of other people and society, and to the health of the environment that they live in.

Through the socio-ecological perspective, students will learn to take into account the considerations that affect society as a whole as well as individual considerations and will discover the need to integrate these.

Achievement objectives.